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While you never want to have to call an exterminator, it is good to know that local pest control services in Hilo are just a simple phone call away.  Calling when you first see signs of termites, insects, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bedbugs or if you think you may have bird mites is the easiest way to get rid of any problems before they become much more problematic.
Offering premier pest control services our staff is able to respond to your calls to identify any infestations and design a plan to rid your home of the problem. We can provide an over the phone consultation or come to your residence or commercial building for a complete inspection by a highly trained, professional local exterminator that is familiar with the common pests in this area.

Termite Identification and Control

Many people are surprised to know that there are over 2000 different species of termites but only two are problematic within this geographical location. These include the drywood and subterranean termites. Our termite inspectors can come to your property and complete a comprehensive inspection, easily identifying signs of current or past termite problems.

Other Pests in Hilo

There are other pests that can be problematic in this area as well. If you have any type of insects in your home give us a call. We specialize in a complete range of local pest control services including removing birds from your attic and trapping or baiting rodents that may be causing considerable damage to your buildings.
There is no reason to have to live with any type of pests in Hilo when our pest and termite inspectors can come out and develop a treatment and management plan. To learn more give us a call; we can answer any questions you may have about any of our local pest control services.
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