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Understanding Our Local Pest Control Services In Kapolei

You may be surprised to find out that there are over 900 thousand different species of insects in the world, which is just over 80% of all species known to man. You may also be amazed to find out in the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2000 it was found that there are 5,818 insect species within these islands, but only a very few actually pose a problem to our houses, buildings and to ourselves.
Our local pest control services in Kapolei have the definite advantage of knowing what types of pest are most problematic in this beautiful part of the world. A highly experienced local exterminator can come to your business or residence and let you know what types of pest have invaded your space and how we can eliminate them for you.

Termites in Kapolei

We have specially trained termite inspectors that can quickly and discretely inspect your home or commercial building for the presence of any termites or other pests. At that time the exterminator will speak to you of your pest control options, and then together you will determine the course of action to get rid of the problem.

Other Pest Control Issues

We don’t just provide termite control; we are able to deal with any other type of mite, bug or insect that is causing you problems. This includes bird mites, bed bugs, ticks, fleas and treatment of outdoor insects that may be problematic in your garden or landscaping.
With top level pest control for all types of rodents and birds, our technicians and exterminators can provide you with the help that you need. Our work is always done quickly, efficiently and with your safety and the safety for your property foremost in all our local pest control services in Kapolei.
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