Rodent Removal Services in Compliance With the Department of Health

Structural Demolition Rodent Report

If you made plans to demolish an existing property and need to provide a written vector control report, we can help. The report you'll receive is in compliance with the Department of Health, Title 11 Chapter 26 Section 34.
Ensure your project is up to code with a report from us today.

Request a Report Without the Hassle

Guarantee your construction project is completed on time and on budget with a report from the professionals at Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC.

Fully Licensed for Your Protection

Don't take a chance on just anyone dealing with your pest control issues. Rely on the 30 years of experience of our company and rest easy knowing that we are licensed by the Hawaii Pest Control Association.
Call and schedule your 
visit with us today.
Ensure your business meets the health codes it needs to today.
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