Prevent Termite Entry Into Your Building With Our Termite Barriers

Strong Protection Against Termites With Termimesh

Prevent problems with termites before they start with an expert installation of Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC's Termimesh system. You can ensure that your home has the foundation necessary to be protected from termites in the long run.
With the detailed design of the marine grade stainless steel woven wire mesh, you can be sure that the termites can't squeeze through the holes in the mesh and destroy your home.

Termimesh Specifically Designed for Hawaii

While Hawaii is known for being a welcoming place, we know that you don't want to welcome pests into your home. Get the best pest control in Hawaii when you call us today.
Termite protection barrier

Protected Foundations for Your Home

The Termimesh is installed on the foundation of your home or business before the concrete slab is poured. Learn more about the Termimesh system by going to the Hawaii site today.
30 years of professional service. Call for your FREE estimate today.
Prevent termite infestations before they start. Invest in Termimesh.
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