Eliminate Termites From Your Property

Termite Management Systems For Maui, Hawai’i And Oahu

Termites are a serious problem within the entire Southern United States, including the Hawaiian Islands. We are proud to be able to offer the best termite & pest management services to three of those islands, Hawai’i, Oahu, and Maui.
If you live in Mililani, Wahiawa, Waipahu, Kapolei or Hilo we are able to complete a full termite inspection of your commercial or residential property. Our experts will quickly let you know if there are termites present and present you with a plan for elimination.

Drywood Termites in Maui, Hilo and Beyond

Despite what other pest management services may say, the most effective way to treat drywood termites is with tent fumigation. This allows the treatment to completely eradicate termites in all areas of the home for highly effective results.
With this treatment, we are able to provide a fumigation WARRANTY of 2 to 5 years because this termite management system is highly effective.

Subterranean Termites in Kapolei, Waipahu, Mililani and Wahiawa

In all cities and areas of all the islands, subterranean termites can be a problem. We recommend a Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. We're an authorized operator and have recommended this system to our customers because it is so effective.

We also provide full termite and pest management services prior to and after new construction for commercial and residential buildings. We are now able to offer a full 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all our soil treatments for termite management.
Whether you live in Maui, Hilo, Kapolei, Waipahu, Wahiawa or Mililani, we have multiple options in termite and pest management services to help you keep your property safe.
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